Terms of Sale


 1 – Purchase Process:

   1 - . Choose the product in which you are interested and add it to your shopping cart and indicates the number of desired units. Keep adding products or processed your order , by clicking Confirm ( cart).
   . 2 - To finish the buying process with success , there are 2 possibilities:
    2.1 - . Registration Motorrecambio.com filling in your shipping / billing and creating an account with username and password. When making future orders simply access your account ( ENTER ) ( ALREADY REGISTERED ? ) And identify yourself by entering your email address and password , and your data will come automatically . The data saved in Motorrecambio.com be included in our databases, will only be used by our sales department and will not be distributed to third parties.
     2.2 - . The other option is to press the button Pay No registration (INSTANT CHECK OUT) and leave only your shipping / billing without the need to create an account . In this case no information is stored in our database issue except for the current order . You will have to enter your details each time you make a new purchase.

    . 3 - Check the number of units you want for each of the products. Review your order with the shipping and the final amount , and confirm if this correct.
    . 4 - After purchase you will receive an email with a copy of the order.

2 – Payment:


You can make payment in the following ways


PayPal Express:


Through the international payments system PayPal , the safest way to transfer money online .
You can pay by PayPal, in two ways :

1 - . Sold through your PayPal account
Simply log into your Paypal account or sign PayPal system following the steps . Take a few minutes but it is the safest way to make a payment on the internet and how to protect you from fraud .


 2 - . Motorrecambio.com redirected to the PayPal website , where you can pay through your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. Without you having to open a PayPal account.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also pay with your credit card through Paypal as follows :

      1 - . Choose Paypal payment
      2 - Choose the option :
           Do not have a Paypal account ?
      3 - . Choose from targetas Visa, MasterCard , American Express, etc. .

We accept payments :

Cash on delivery :
The customer will pay the order upon delivery of TIPSA , ENVIALIA , SEUR at the time of delivery. Expenses are reimbursed by Motorrecambio.com .


Bank Transfer:


Making a deposit / bank transfer , stating your NAME and ORDER number , the account Motorrecambio.com ( SUMCO TRADING, SL) in Sabadell BANK ATLANTIC .


Bank: BANK ATLANTIC Sabadell
Account: 0081 0153 97 0001187929
IBAN: ES91 0081 0153 9700 0118 7929
Passeig de la Pau, 18
08600 - Berga ( Barcelona) Spain

 NOTE: If after 5 days the payment has not been received, the order is canceled.

3 – Delivery:

For other regular items the shipping cost is as follows:
MAINLAND SPAIN , ANDORRA 9 € Orders are shipped via TIPSA , ENVIALIA , SEUR (delivery within 24/72 hours on working days)
BALEARICS 12 € orders will be shipped by TIPSA , ENVIALIA , SEUR (delivery within 24/72 working days)

CANARIAS: Los gastos de envío a Canarias ya incluyen todos los conceptos de envío, seguro y gestiones aduaneras, Tasas Aduanas DUA de salida península: 10€ (no incluye los gastos de Aduana de llegada a Canarias);  el coste del transporte: desde 7 €, entrega Estandar de 7 a 10 días aproximadamente. Además una vez llegado el paquete a destino habrá que pagar a Aduanas de Canarias, los gastos de importación, el A.I.E.M y el IGIC. Es imprescindible indicar el DNI para envios a Islas Canarias, Ceuta y Melilla. CEUTA Y MELILLA: minimo desde 15 €, entrega Estandar de 7 a 10 días laborables aproximadamente. Es imprescindible indicar el DNI para envios a Islas Canarias, Ceuta y Melilla.

Contact the customer service by e- mail: motorrecambio@sumco-moto.com .
FRANCE/BELGIUM : orders will be sent by Postal Express Mail (delivery in 5-7 working days) consult Customer Service by e- mail: motorrecambio@sumco-moto.com
 INTERNATIONAL: consult Customer Service by e- mail: motorrecambio@sumco-moto.com
Delivery times are based on the output of our almacenes.y orders are approximate and are for informational purposes . Motorrecambio.com not be liable for delay in delivery of products if such failure or delay is due to force majeure or any other that is not directly attributable to him . In these cases , the customer can not claim any compensation , compensation, penalty or claim full or partially cancel the order.

4 – Taxes:


• The prices of all items Motorrecambio.com have charged VAT .

5 – Avilability or Products:
  If the product AVAILABLE ON REQUEST indicator says it is not available . However, the customer may contact the Customer Service or by dialing 93.838.18.30 E- mail: motorrecambio@sumco-moto.com , to check availability and delivery time.


6 – Warranties and Returns:

In the event that the material sent arrives defective, the customer must contact us by email: motorrecambio@sumco-moto.com, to request the change of the same within a period of 24-48 hours. Upon confirmation of the defect by motorrecambio.com a new product will be sent to you free of charge.
In case of return by rejection, the buyer must alert in a maximum period of 24-48 hours the return of the product, via e-mail. The customer can return the product by keeping the original packaging and accessories intact and provided that the supplied good has not been manipulated and has no symptoms of use. The cost of sending both for the trip and for the return will be borne by the customer. The payment of the amount will be made by the same route by which the customer made the payment, once it has been verified that the merchandise arrives in good condition.
Returns of electrical components such as CDI, Stator, Regulator / rectifier, etc., as well as motor crankshafts, under no circumstances.
All products offered at Motorrecambio.com are guaranteed for a period of one year and, if applicable, by the manufacturer or by the legislation in force.
In case of defective products, Motorrecambio.com will decide the refund or repair of the product.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by force majeure, normal wear and tear, improper use, damages caused by accidents, negligence, modifications and / or repairs carried out by the customer, or by third parties, or as a result of incompatible storage conditions With the nature of the products, or if the recommendations contained in the instructions have not been fulfilled.